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Think Childbirth classes are all about breathing techniques, “Hee, Hee, Hoo, Hoo?”

If you have nodded, or sighed in agreement and feel as though you could use the course to benefit you, take a look at what this course has to offer.


This course is for moms and families who are first time parents, or parents who have had children and after their experience did not feel they were well prepared.Lamaze takes a holistic approach to labour and childbirth and firmly believes in building moms’ confidence. Following the six Healthy Birth Practices, you are bound to feel equipped, edified, informed and empowered.


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Childbirth Education Prep

Latch n Go Lactation 

Feeling overwhelmed now that you are home? It can be difficult to latch even for the mom who has done this multiple times. It takes patience and a clean slate; this is a new beginning for you and baby to learn each other’s cues. The good news is, it gets better and it gets easier and bonding time becomes something that you look forward to. 
We will discuss and debunk the challenges you may face when breastfeeding and how to overcome them, whether it’s not getting enough milk supply, latching positions or how to pump and store your supply


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Newborn Care 101

Baby’s home. Now what?!  This online course will guide you through the everyday care for baby. Parents will learn everything from swaddling your newborn to feeding, cord care, bath time, soothing techniques and much more. Bound to equip you with the need to know about baby and the new roles that you and the family will play in the next coming days/weeks.


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Comfort Measure + Mindful Techniques 

Worried about how to manage your pain?
Let’s debunk the role of pain while you are labouring and create an atmosphere that’ll keep your mind in a peaceful state as you focus on bringing baby Earth side. In this course we’ll discuss the role of pain and hormones, the gateway of pain, early and active labour, the 3 R’s and much more.

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Emotional Wellness - Guided Meditation 


Feeling drained, rundown, emotional, unbalanced. 

Taking care of yourself from the inside allows you to pour from a full cup and not the saucer. As a mother it’s hard not to put others first; turning inwards helps to realign self and bring you back to who you truly are. Teaching you to take care of self with mindful practices that will allow for you to change your mind, change your perspective, change your view, change your experience. Finding the light inside and turning it into POWER. Finding peace of mind, piece by peace.


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Birth Intentions/ Postpartum Intentions Planning

You plan for a wedding or your driver’s test, right? Why not plan for your birth or the 4th Trimester journey. Let’s be INTENTIONAL and plan for how you would like to see your birthing experience pan out or your postpartum. The postpartum journey in itself can be overwhelming. I’ll prepare you to make informed decisions by using the B.R.A.I.N. effect. 

Preparation is KEY. 

Let’s set those intentions and ease your mind of the unexpected yet expected journey ahead.

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