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I am here to empower your mind, Nourishing your soul, and help you find your power within to do what your body was initially meant to do.

Gratitude, you’re here; give thanks for divine connections.

You’ve made it this far.

 We are all navigating and raising our vibrations. Give yourself grace daily; it’s something I do daily as a mom and an Independent Parent.


My Story

I was called to do this!! I grew up with a conscious love for babies and children. I was unaware that the love for children would carry me on a journey of working in daycares and preschools. Truth be told, I had a slight obsession with TLC’s “A baby story” growing up. Eventually I studied Education in school and became a teacher. However, my need to serve on a deeper level brought me along another journey into Public Health.


My purpose here is to nurture the seeds that are planted and to affirm your beliefs, inform you, educate you and empower you to be an advocate for yourself as you go through your journey of all thing’s fertility, pregnancy, birth, lactation and loss. 


With an Educational and Public Health background, my own personal experiences and the experiences of friends closest to me having endured [IN]fertility, stillbirths, ectopic pregnancies, loss, breastfeeding complications and womb wellness. Birth work is a calling, I was CALLED TO DO THIS!


I do want you to know that I am a woman, a mom, a sister, a friend, a daughter, an aunt, a godmama, a teacher, a student of life and most of all I’m committed to being here for YOU.


While you and I may not always share the same beliefs, I stand behind you and beside you.


I thank my son, my angel baby, my sistah’s and my coworkers that have allowed me to be by their sides as they navigated the ebbs and flows of motherhood. 


Let us be proactive to learning instead of reactive to the circumstances.

Your journey to Birth Starts Here!